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Panayotis Gr. Carydis


Academician, European Accademy of Sciences and Arts

Professor Emeritus N.T.U.A.

Dr. Civil Engineer

Professor for Earthquake Engineering

Curriculum Vitae



5A Panagouli street, Kifisia, 145 62, Greece
Tel. 210 – 8082535
Fax: 210 – 6231193
Mobile: +306932244446



1968 Διδακτορική Διατριβή

1968 Δυναμικός Αντισεισμικός Υπολογισμός των Κατασκευών δια Χρήσεως Αναλογικών Ηλεκτρονικών Υπολογιστών

1969 Contribution to Aseismic Design of Shear Structures

1970 3rd Earthquake Engineering Symposium Proceedings in Sofia

1975 5th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering Proceedings in Instanbul

1975 Διερεύνυσης της Δυναμικής Συμπεριφοράς Υπερυψωμένων Υδατόπυργων

1975 Δυναμικά Χαρακτηριστικά Υψηλών Κτιρίων

1975 High Buildings in Greece

1975 Influence of the Discontinuity Along the Height of Multistory Frames in their Dynamic and Seismic Response

1975 Φάσματα Αποκρίσεως Ελληνικών Σεισμών

1976 Σύγχρονες Απόψεις Σχετικά με το Περιεχόμενο ενός Αντισεισμικού Κανονισμού

1977 Earthquake Activity in Trichonis Region

1981 Earthern Buildings in Seismic Areas

1981 Ηλιακός Σταθμός Παραγωγής Ηλεκτρικής Ενέργειας

1981 The Extent of the Problem of Earthern Buildings in Greece

1983 Earthquake Preparedness Seminar Proceedings "Local Government"

1983 Earthquake Preparedness Seminar Proceedings "Loss of Function of Buildings"

1983 Earthquake Preparedness Seminar Proceedings "Organization and Action of Earthquake Rescue Teams"

1986 Small Amplitude Vibration Measurements of Buildings Undamaged, Damaged and Repaired After Earthquakes

1989 EEE Dynamic Test of 2 Storied Timber Frame Construction House Using a 6-DOF Earthquake Simulator

1992 10th WCEE - Performance of Buried Pipelines, Subjected to Fault Movement

1994 10th ECEE Proceedings - Comparative Shaking Table Studies at the NTUA

1994 10th ECEE Proceedings - Model Analysis of the Performance of Segmented Pipelines, Crossing a Normal Fault

1994 10th ECEE Proceedings - Shaking Table Tests of Composite Steel - Concrete, Beam - Column Connections

1998 Shaking Table Tests on 24 Simple Masonry Buildings

1999 EEE - Influence of the Vertical Component on Damage During Shallow - Nearfield Earthquakes

2000 Tempus Programme - Measurement and Simulation of Earthquake Vibration

2001 ΤΕΕ - Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Αντισεισμικής Μηχανικής & Τεχνικής Σεισμολογίας

2001 Evaluation of the Seismic Response of Masonry Buildings Based on Energy Functions

2001 Dynamic Behaviour of Steel Frames

2001 ΤΕΕ - Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Αντισεισμικής Μηχανικής & Τεχνικής Σεισμολογίας

2001 Seismic Performance of RC Frames Designed for Three Different Ductility Levels

2001 Shaking Table Tests for Seismic Performance Evaluation of Steel Frames

2002 12th ECEE - The Vertical Seismic Component "The Columbus' Egg in Earthquake Engineering"

2002 EEE - Composite Behaviour Under Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading

2003 Preliminary Observations on the Aug 14th 2003 Lefkada Island Earthquake

2004 The Effect of the Vertical Earthquake Motion in Near Field

2006 ΤΕΕ - 15ο Συνέδριο Σκυροδέματος

2006 Seismic Behaviour of Prefabricated RC Structures

2006 Performance Benchmark of Three Major European Shaking Tables

2007 Περιοδικό ΚΤΙΡΙΟ - Διατήρηση της Αρχιτεκτονικής Κληρονομιάς του 20ου Αιώνα

2008 3ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Αντισεισμικής Μηχανικής & Τεχνικής Σεισμολογίας

2010 Περιοδικό ΤΕΧΝΙΚΑ

2011 - 2012 International Journal of Earthquake Engineering

2012 15th WCEE - Comparison of New Zealand Earthquake Data

2013 4th ECCOMAS - Seismic Protection of Monuments and Historical Buildings by a Sustainable Reduction System of the Seismic Input Motion (COMPDYN 2013)

2015 Τα Νέα Των Κατασκευαστών Κτιρίων #86 - Χρήση Υλικών Κτιρίων